Welcome to the House my Mind Built

The Boy Who Ruined Christmas

Welcome to my home. Come in, snoop around. People have many different reactions to it. Some don’t care to visit because it confuses them. Others step inside and wonder whether it is built in reality or dream. Still others believe it to be similar to their own home in many ways, but different in others. You’ve taken a mighty leap, standing in the front foyer. Come get comfy. Pull up a chair, maybe an ottoman. Snuggle up in a blanket…or a Snuggie? Well, now that you’re here, I guess you have questions, no doubt. Like what I have been up to, where I have visited, and how I survived a jump from the third story of a frat house in order to escape from the cops?

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Possible inspirations towards internet News

Shorter news attracts more *likes and comments*, longer ones gives the reader better story and full information 

_3 Phil Robε̲̣̣̣̥rτ̲̅s &Da SouЙd

Betsy Cameron, Data Analyst & Vadim Lavrusik, Journalist Program Manager analyses what keeps people connected to reading your news on your website.

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Uche Jombo fetes widows in new movie


The movie, Uche Jombo said, is to draw attention to the plight of widows.

Nollywood actress cum producer, Uche Jombo Rodriguez, has concluded plans to premiere her latest movie, A Mother’s Fight.

The actress said the inspiration behind the movie is borne out of a determination to help widows and ease their plights by bringing their problems, trials and tribulations to the fore.

Jombo-Rodriguez said, “A Mother’s Fight was borne out of that experience and it is one sad story I have waited all my life to shoot at the appropriate time. It is high time people knew that widows are part of the society and it is in no way their fault that they got married into their husband’s family.”

“Widow’s need to be celebrated not treated like non-entities as the case is at present in some cultures. This charity event is an initiative billed to encourage widows to exploit their strength in weakness and prosper beyond societal huddles.” she stated.

Scheduled to premiere on Christmas eve in Abriba, Abia State, the actress’ hometown, the movie is expected amongst other things to bring succor to widows, draw attention to their plight while also bringing the desired assistance to alleviate their suffering.

Speaking on the movie, Jombo-Rodriguez said “Experience, they say is the best teacher; and on this matter I can say that I have been on the receiving end. Don’t get me wrong, I have never lost a husband but my mom did; and I must say that it was indeed a harrowing experience; one that I would not wish on any woman created by God.”

The movie is an initiative of Uche Jombo and You foundation. The non-profit organisation is saddled with the responsibility of giving aid (material, financial and emotional) to a noble cause, sensitization and awareness campaigns on vital social issues; human empowerment programs for women and children, community development schemes, poverty alleviation initiatives and providing funds for logistics.