Possible inspirations towards internet News

Shorter news attracts more *likes and comments*, longer ones gives the reader better story and full information 

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Betsy Cameron, Data Analyst & Vadim Lavrusik, Journalist Program Manager analyses what keeps people connected to reading your news on your website.

Readers sort for news at all times so where ever they find a worthy piece, they tend to want to read more.

News with Questions or quote related issues leaves your audience more interested in finding solutions or answers.

While very short posts with picture or video gives an increase in the percentage of readers and feedback, lengthy piece of news leave your readers with full version of information to digest .

Readers are easily reacting to a mixture of both sensitive and attention grabbing posts such as:

* Provocative debates on twitter

* Emotional, Touchy stories on nairaland

* Inspirational ideas on premium times

* Simple and attractive peice of information facebook

* Soccer, general games e.t.c on yahoomail

Time and manner of posting also matters it could either be weekly or hourly, and your readers should be feed with fresh and factual news. apart from breaking new update, your news should not be posted many at once because that may reduce the number feedback that could get.


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