My First TEST


My first day at work, what i learnt with and about Premium Times

Today being the 4th of January 2013 is a day i will not be in a hurry to forget because this day will determine the rest of my 280 days as an Intern with Premium Times Services LTD. Resuming at 5pm is not even early enough because there is more than enough to learn here. In order to be on the same pace and speed with the Editorial board, Publishers, Admin, Editors, and other members of staff I not only learnt how Premium Times works, i also learnt how stories are fetched, Edited and submitted to the online desk for final upload and dissemination via various websites such as facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, Nairaland, naija pals, yahoo groups, BBB, pintrest, youtube etc since Premium Times is an online multi-media encompassing of text, video, audio, photos, map and any other fascinating idea, and to get going on the speed of light, i was acquainted to creating a personal blog and posting important information so as to enable a faster means of information digest.

On the other hand my first day at work is exciting because i was introduced to a team of devout worker who when given an inch, they take a mile just to create the change which is the purpose drive of this organization. i can proudly say that i am privileged to be associated with these great minds because i also seek tremendous change for my beloved country Nigeria and the only way i know how to impact such is through the media. Through my affiliation with Premium Times Internet Media Services Limited, and as an Actor, i hope to stop at nothing until this sole aim is achieved.

I am most grateful to Mr Emma and Frederick.


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